Ed Driscoll

The BBC: Busy Blurting Confessions

“Ten years ago it looked as if the royal family was on its way out; an unloved anachronism. Today which publicly funded institution looks more confident and secure: the monarchy or the BBC?”

Update: Regarding the clip above, Andrew of the Biased BBC blog writes:

Courtesy of GrauniadUnlimitedTV (I wonder how they got hold of it!), here is an unexpurgated 43 second clip of the BBC’s preview trailer, including the now infamous switched around clips wrongly portraying the Queen as ‘storming out’ of a photo shoot…

…The silly music and the cinematic voiceover hardly speak for the BBC’s confidence in the ability of their programmes to sell themselves, do they?”

I suppose one could say it’s a sign of “A Powerfully Corrosive Internal Culture“.