Ed Driscoll

Michael Moore's Surprisingly Rapid Post-9/11 Superstardom

Dan Riehl writes:

Forget that his latest mockumentary Sicko was DOA, when a would be champion of Liberal and Far-Left causes like Michael Moore is reduced to a cat fight he loses with CNN and Wolf Blitzer because, well, they’re obviously biased and in the pocket of the man, I think it’s safe to say you have been, for all intents and purposes, politically marginalized.

It’s worth flashing back to how quickly Moore obtained superstardom amongst the left, by recalling his status amongst liberals in general immediately after 9/11. Moore’s ascension was documented by Mark Steyn in mid-2004 at the height of liberalism’s Fahrenheit 9/11-mania:

In the autumn of 2001, Jacob Weisberg, now editor of Slate, wrote a column bemoaning what he regarded as a silly post-9/11 trend. The Weekly Standard, the New Republic and other publications had begun giving