Ed Driscoll

The BBC Really Does Its Drive-Bys From The Left Lane

Jonah Goldberg links to this Daily Mail article, which claims that the BBC pulled a fast one in its coverage of Annie Leibovitz’s photo shoot of the Queen:

The BBC was forced to offer a humiliating apology to the Queen over claims that she stormed out of a photo shoot.

She is said to be livid at the way documentary footage was manipulated to make it appear she had flounced out of a portrait sitting with American photographer.

The corporation has admitted that the footage of her alleged exit was in fact filmed as she arrived for the session.

Phone lines between Buckingham Palace and the BBC were said to have been “red-hot” amid fears that the corporation had turned the Queen into a laughing stock.

The BBC? Inventing the news? Perish the thought!

Update: Melanie Phillips writes:

If it transposes a picture sequence like this to sex up a story about the Queen by transmitting an outright falsehood, just think what it is doing in the Middle East.


Meanwhile, Allah adds:

They offer apologies galore for a five-second clip which suggested erroneously that the queen had stormed out of a photo shoot after being told by Annie Leibowitz to lose the tiara. Apologies for having members of Hamas on their payroll, though? Not so much, not so much.