Ed Driscoll

Here He Is Folks, The Favorite Of Gym Teachers Everywhere

Bob Hope once introduced comedian Mort Sahl (the thinking man’s Woody Allen!) at the Academy Awards by saying “Here he is folks, the favorite of nuclear physicists everywhere!”

Similarly, based on his choice of footwear, Ron Paul–the thinking man’s Pat Paulsen–definitely has the all-important American gym teacher vote all sewn-up.

Rather than a pair of black sneakers, Ron might have better odds in a slightly more upscale pair of kicks such as these. However, despite his shabby shodding, the Ron Paul boomlet could be catching–I actually saw a car parked at the Marie Callender’s restaurant just outside of San Jose with not one, but two Ron Paul bumperstickers in its rear window.

No word yet on which phys. ed. class its owner teaches.