Ed Driscoll


Here’s Jim Geraghty on May 18th:

Two words for anybody who thinks this immigration bill is a done deal, and there’s no way enough opposition builds:

Harriet Miers.

As Glenn Reynolds writes, “Score One For Alt-Media: Immigration bill fails“.

Mark Krikorian looks at all of the forces that Alt Media was up against:

Today’s defeat of the Senate amnesty bill was more than a run-of-the-mill legislative victory, representing as it did a self-organizing public’s defeat of combined force of Big Business, (some of) Big Labor, Big Media, Big Religion, Big Philanthropy, Big Academia, and Big Government.

Speaking of Big Media, oh to be a fly on the wall in this newspaper’s editorial boardroom.

Update: Welcome Jim Geraghty’s Kerry, Hillary Campaign Spot readers! Please look around; there’s sure to be a few other things here you’ll also enjoy.

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