Ed Driscoll

Passing On Ratatouille

So far, I’ve managed to avoid all of the Hollywood rat movies. I can handle Mickey Mouse, because as Tinseltown rodentia goes, he’s gotten by far the best PR during the 20th century. But I’ve skipped Ben and Willard–and the latter’s recent remake, needless to say. I’ve skipped King Rat, with George Segal and Denholm Elliott. I don’t think I’ve seen the original Ocean’s 11 all the way through, either–or any of the other Rat Pack movies, for that matter. While I’ve been planning to keep the streak alive by avoiding Pixar’s Ratatouille simply on principle’s sake, I’ve stumbled across yet another reason to sit it out.

(Of course, I probably would have watched it in the 1990s. It wasn’t very hip to protest Hollywood back then.)