Ed Driscoll

Let's Think Cool About It

Technorati has been running a series of ads from MSN promoting all of the HOT ARTISTS performing at Al Gore’s Live Earth concert next month. Here’s a sample:

Needless to say, MSN’s copywriter has raised some inconvenient questions which beg explanation.

If the goal of the concert is to stop the global warming that’s coming before global cooling returns from the depths of the 1970s, do we really want all of that hotness concentrated in one area? Wouldn’t cool artists be better than hot artists? Couldn’t too much concentrated hotness burn a hole in the ozone layer over the Meadowlands? Maybe all of that hotness has actually caused global warming.

You never heard about global warming when Sinatra and Dino were playing Vegas and Miles Davis was Kind of Blue, did you? I rest my case. Especially since it’s becoming too hot, and I need to put it down.

Further thoughts on those HOT ARTISTS! from the always cool Tim Blair.