Ed Driscoll

"Lifelong Dem Leaves GOP; 'Many' Cheer"

James Taranto writes that while Mayor Bloomberg “may not get many votes” during his run for the White House, “he’ll get favorable enough press coverage to make John McCain jealous”:

Bloomberg is so out of step with the GOP that he opposed the confirmation of John Roberts as chief justice. He is term-limited and thus cannot seek re-election, which means that the Republican line is no longer of any use to him. So why is it news that he is abandoning his Republican affiliation?

Because, according to the AP’s Sara Kugler, “many believe [it] could be a step toward entering the 2008 race for president.”

To make sense of this assertion, you need to be fluent in the dialect of American English known as Journalese. In Journalese, many can be either singular or plural, and it is a first-person pronoun.

As can “Some say“, another dreaded expression of Journalese, according to analysts.