Ed Driscoll

Potemkin Media

As Tim Graham wrote shortly after President Reagan passed away in 2004, “Think of everything Reagan did, and then add: He did it all before Fox News. He did it all before the Rush Limbaugh phenomenon. He did it all before the instant battle cry of his defenders could hit the Internet”.

He did it all before C-SPAN caught on and people could enjoy the game of watching entire speeches and debates and then observing how the network tricksters discombobulated them into liberal hatchet jobs. He did it all when (well, eventually) the only conservative regular on the big networks was ABC’s George Will, and at that time Will was still fashionably fussing about Americans being “taxophobic” and spurning Reagan’s “Morning in America goo.”

Over at Town Hall, Stephen Bird flashes back to 1987 and “What the press saw at the Brandenburg Gate“.

Update: The circle is complete: TV networks ignore the 20th anniversary of President Reagan