AP: Jonesing For Tet

Needless to say, the Associated Press’s collective mindset would be well-at-home at the Whitney Museum’s “Summer of Love” exhibit; their reporting emphasis has changed little since the days of LBJ and RMN, Jules Crittenden writes:


I thought body counts went out with the Vietnam War. The AP is kicking off Memorial Day weekend with a fresh body count in Iraq.

How come no mention of Americans killed in Afghanistan since last Memorial Day?

The AP story leads with the number of new graves opened for dead American soldiers since Memorial Day last, but only those killed in Iraq. Why this slight? Are the dead in Afghanistan not worthy of respect in the eyes of the Associated Press? It is possible that this article is not about honoring the dead at all, or even about reporting the news, but just another thinly veiled editorial attack on the Bush administration? Would the Associated Press be so callous as to use American dead in this manner, as a political tool?



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