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Shooting At Virginia Tech

“Report: At least 20 dead, 28 wounded”, says Allahpundit, who has details here as they develop.

Glenn Reynolds adds, “reader John Lucas, who works with a Virginia law firm, emails that Va. Tech is a ‘gun-free zone.’ Well, for those who follow the law”.

Spot-on, sadly.

Update: No link yet to a specific article, but Matt Drudge adds:

At least 25 people have been killed in shootings on Virginia Tech University campus. The number of fatalities are expected to rise…

In January of last year, “A bill that would have given college students and employees the right to carry handguns on campus“–and thus defend themselves during an incident such as today’s–“died with nary a shot being fired in the General Assembly”.

More: Allah links to this MSNBC article, adding, “According to NBC, the killer used two 9mm handguns and killed himself”. Meanwhile, Mary Katharine Ham has many more details, noting that “Apparently, there’s cell phone video of the attack. Heard they showed it on CNN”.

Update (11:10 AM PDT): “Before Today’s Massacre, Virginia Tech Received 2 Separate Bomb Threats“, according to ABC News.

Update (11:42 AM PDT): Virginia bloggers comment on the VT massacre.

Update (2:10 PM PDT): Mary Katharine Ham writes, “Republicans Drop the Internet Ball on Va. Tech Shootings”:

To be clear, I’m not saying that Obama, Hillary, and Edwards care any more about the suffering on the ground in Blacksburg, Va. today than Mitt, McCain, and Rudy.

But to look at their websites, you wouldn’t know a thing about what Mitt, McCain, and Rudy think about this national tragedy. It’s doesn’t mean they’re terrible, selfish men, as I’m sure the Left will infer. On the contrary, I’m sure all of their thoughts and prayers are with the kids of Blacksburg, just as all of ours are. But the fact is that the Big Six in the presidential race are huge, public figures who are required, for better or worse, to have a public position on every issue, ever. Today is certainly no exception.

Political web operatives on the Left understand that websites move with the news, and are sometimes the fastest way to move those messages. Today, the Dem candidates’ sites reflect that and the Republicans’ do not.

In a very-much related post, NRO’s various blogs write that the spinning on the story has already begun from AP and ABC. Expect a lot of that during the week.

Update (3:50 PM PDT): Like this one.

Update (8:22 PM PDT): Jim Geraghty writes:

Right On Cue, Virginia Tech Shootings Spur Calls for Gun Control, Even Though Gun Control Ensured The Victims Couldn’t Defend Themselves

Further thoughts from Michelle Malkin.