Ed Driscoll

King Crimsonism

Mickey Kaus spots Paul Krugman’s knees-a-jerking on the subject of religion amongst goverment staffers. Kaus writes, “I was ready to be alarmed, until Krugman began deploying his killer examples”:

I’m not saying theocratic incompetents from the “700 Club” aren’t fanning out through the government. Maybe they are. I’m saying Paul Krugman is not convincing on this issue. He doesn’t even seem to be trying to be convincing. Why should he try? There’s always been a market for anti-hick editorializing in the New York Times, especially anti-Southern-hick editorializing (see Steve Oney’s account of the Times’ counterproductive crusade in the Leo Frank case of 1913, which presaged its more recent counterproductive crusade against Augusta National). Krugman’s select Times readers aren’t exactly going to demand rigor when it comes to attacking Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. …

The New Orientalism is everywhere in the media, it seems.