Ed Driscoll

Why America Hates New York

That’s the headline of an item by James Panero on the New Criterion’sArmavirumque” blog, along with a photo of a new “art” exhibit captioned, “Six Foot Jesus Made Of Chocolate”. Panero responds:

‘Forty Days in the Dessert’? The ‘Immaculate Confection’? The possible New York Post headlines here are endless (and yes, I know the difference between the Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth.) But one thing is clear. From Piss Christ to The Sensation Show, America hates New York for cheap art-world stunts, and for good reason. Check out the following notice that just came over the transom. (Be sure to read down for the bit about how this artist is “best remembered for covering a New York City hotel room in melted cheese.” And just what is “anatomically correct” supposed to mean? And why do I feel like this has been done before? And why have I yet to see a custard Mohammed?)

Truth be told, I don’t think America hates New York because of this stuff. Like the anti-Christian content that fuels so much of Hollywood’s current product, they’re too bored by how reactionary it all is to break much of a sweat over it.