Ed Driscoll

But Don't Short Your Charmin Stock Just Yet

Everything about this particular site category is summed up in the headline of this New York Times article–also printed on paper ironically enough!–found via Tim Blair.

Note that the Goracle is at least smart enough not to actually live like this. But along with the Visualize Industrial Collapse people whose story we linked to a couple of years ago, one could say that these are liberals in a hurry–to become as re-primitivized as possible. As I wrote last year, curious, isn’t it, that even as technology increasingly empowers the individual, vast tracts of the left wish for the return of the primitive?

Meanwhile, Ann Althouse has some thoughts on the many inconvenient truths this story illustrates.

Update: Related thoughts here.

Related: Well, staggeringly tangentially related, but still. Despite their occasional sulfurous emanations,”Pampers are not an invention of the devil“, reports the Times of London. Glad we cleared that up!