Ed Driscoll

Gathering of Eagles: The Counter-Counterculture Emerges

Tom Blumer of Newsbusters writes:

The New York Times (may require registration) reported “several hundred counterdemonstrators” (HT Michelle Malkin, who has the priceless quote of the day — “…. the NYTimes relied on ‘several veterans of the antiwar movement’ to give them crowd estimates of the Gathering of Eagles. It’s the domestic equivalent of MSMers relying on dubious Iraqi stringers to provide them with war coverage….” — THWAP!)

The Washington Post, in its article about the protest, wrote of “thousands of counter-demonstrators.”

Gathering of Eagles’ web site reports that they were told by the National Park Service that their GoE estimate is ….. is …..


GoE’s site is also saying that the protester counts being reported elsewhere were 5,000 to 10,000 (the Times reported “thousands” and WaPo said “several thousand,” but both papers acknowledged that the protester turnout was much lower than at a similar event in January).

Bottom line: GoErs outnumbered protesters at least three to one. Remember what you just read here and will read at the center-right blogs, because you probably won’t see this “turnout rout,” which as far as I can tell is unprecedented, reported in the Formerly Mainstream Media.

As Rick Moran adds:

History ended yesterday. Or at least one version of it. Or perhaps it didn