Ed Driscoll

Ann Steps In It Again

As Dean Barnett writes, “Idiotic. Disgusting. Stupid. Moronic”.

Update: Hugh Hewitt adds:

When Coulter employed the f-word to abuse a candidate, she made herself radioactive because the word is a simply invitation to hate. It was repulsive.

I cannot imagine Coulter being invited to any panel or television appearance on which I would want to appear. Colleges and universities must also stop inviting her to appear as a representative of the conservative movement in America. She is not. You want smart, accomplished and funny conservative women? Ask K-Lo, Laura Ingraham or Carol Liebau to appear, or chose from scores of others. But not Ann Coulter –she represents only a snarl and a deep need to be noticed.

As Charles Johnson writes about another public figure loaded with venom and hate, “A bad craziness is loose in America”.