Ed Driscoll

"I Bear The Scars Of Oscars"

Nikki Finke: “In summary, it was the night that the Academy finally killed off what used to be its show-stopper of a movie awards”:

By my calculations, Gore needs to reimburse the Academy and ABC for close to $3 million for this night’s free and over-the-top political advertising. Just send the check directly to Obama, Al, since I know you and Tipper can’t stand Bill and Hillary. By trying not to be controversial, Ellen delivered a truly forgettable performance. And that’s far worse than being Chris Rock- or Jon Stewart-type awful.

* * *

Does the Academy realize they’ve got four hours-plus to remind audiences around the world that going to the movies is fun and not a chore like sitting through this show?

* * *

Exactly whose idea was it to let Jerry insult the theater owners who already are going out of business because of the lousy films Hollywood produces? What, you guys have a death wish?

Like I said