Bostonians Forgainst Dissent, Part Deux

As a follow-up to our post yesterday titled “Bostonians Forgainst Dissent”, we should mention that Tim Blair’s latest post, in which he posits that for the junior senator from Massachusetts, “dissent is the lowest form of environmentalism”:


There was a time when Kerry supported dissent, even to the extent that he dissented with historical records on who said what about dissent.

One of the Senator’s more humous gaffes near the tail end of his 2004 run for the White House was this:

Kerry told reporters on the plane that any shlub would pay the $250 air fare to travel from one state to another to windsurf.

Presumably now understanding the ecological holocaust such wanton use of eeeevil aviation is causing, Kerry regrets those remarks even more today than he did back then.


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