Fluffernutter Joe

Betsy Newmark writes that “Joe Biden had the most disastrous opening day ever of a presidential candidate in history”–and if anything, that’s understating Joe’s gaffe.


How bad was it? So bad that even the New York Times ran a surprisingly harsh article on Biden today.

Betsy adds:

Remember how the media tried to figure out if George Allen’s mother was a racist and if he’d learned the expression macaca from her because she was from North Africa? Well, are they going to ask Joe Biden if his mother commonly described blacks as “clean as a whistle, sharp as a tack”? Are they going to try to psychoanalyze why these words came out of his mouth in reference to Obama? Or is it just a laugh at Joe Biden. You know, we all expect him to allow his mouth to get ahead of his brain sorta like we all knew that Sandy Berger had a messy desk and so we shouldn’t question why he was stealing and destroying classified documents from the National Archives.

And in all the laughter at Biden, people aren’t paying attention to what I think was more interesting in his interview – his attacks on Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. After all, he called Edwards’ plan for pulling out of Iraq “Fluffernutter.” I love that. Can we now quote Biden on all these pullout plans out there? After all, Obama has basically the same idea that Edwards has. And if Joe Biden, so respected by Democrats for his foreign policy expertise, calls such plans “Fluffernutter” who are we to disagree?


Maybe Hugh Hewitt should pose Biden’s Fluffernutter line to the spineless House and Senate GOP members he’s been having on his show this week.


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