"CNN Is Reporting Saddam Hussein Has Been Executed"

According to The Corner.

In a heretofore unseen two flashing gumball light announcement, Drudge adds, “SADDAM: THE END… Saddam Hussein executed by hanging, according to Iraqi media reports. More soon….”


As Mona Charen wrote when Saddam was captured by the US three years ago:

Adolf Hitler deprived the Allies of the satisfaction of executing him. Josef Stalin died in his bed. Pol Pot died of natural causes. But Saddam Hussein, that vicious, depraved worm of a man, was plucked from his rathole. Ah the great warrior. The author of the Mother of All Battles. The man who claimed he would drive the “invaders” from Iraq. The man who forced thousands of Iraqis to sacrifice their lives so he could continue his squalid and luxurious spree in his many palaces.
This modern-day Saladin (another of his conceits) didn’t even have the courage to kill himself in the end, but submitted meekly, with an offer to “negotiate.”

I’d say negotiations have successfully been concluded.

Ed Morrissey adds:

Three Arabic news stations and MS-NBC are broadcasting the report that Saddam Hussein has been executed this evening, right around 10 pm ET.

Right now, without any text reports, MS-NBC is telling viewers that a delegation of seven witnesses saw Saddam hung a few minutes ago. The witnesses included members of the tribunal that convicted and sentenced him as well as a doctor to declare him dead. They also report that the Iraqi government recorded the event, and that the images and/or video will eventually be released to demonstrate that the former dictator and genocidal monster has truly died.


For a brief overview of Saddam’s blood-soaked curriculum vitae, click here and here.

Not surprisingly, Pajamas HQ has an extensive round-up of links.

Tim Blair notes that “Saddam


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