Ed Driscoll

Who Is Jamil Hussein?

He’s the mystery man of the hour (well, half-hour, actually) on this week’s Blog Week In Review, with Richard Fernandez, Glenn Reynolds, and host Austin Bay.

At the beginning of last August, Ace of Spades brilliantly predicted the scandals involving Jamil Hussein, and his immediate predecessor, Adnan Hajj, Reuters’ bumbling would-be fauxtographer:

The American media is setting itself up for a massive scandal. One day, it will in fact come out that they are guilty of willful blindness and a deliberate avoidance of asking their stringers tough questions to maintain their own plausible deniability.

And they’ll have to answer some hard questions, such as, “If you’re so vigilant against being ‘used’ by the American government for its ‘propaganda,’ why are you so blithely nonchalant about being worse-used by America’s enemies?”

Many of Steven Glass’ colleagues looked back and wondered how they’d been fooled by his fabrications for so long. Apart from the outlandishness of some of his stories, he also had an uncanny knack for getting the Killer Quote that tied together a piece or summed it up in one pithy, bullet-point sentence. We should have known no one gets that lucky so consistently, they said later.

The American media seems to be an employing a possible Army of Steven Glasses, and yet they’re more than willing to pretend they don’t know what’s going on so long as those suspiciously-dramatic front-page pictures keep coming back from the foreign stringers.

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