Maybe Tony Lacey Should Buy The L.A. Times

Hugh Hewitt quotes from an op-ed by the L.A. Times’ Tim Rutten and writes:

Vast numbers of former readers simply don’t trust the Los Angeles Times to report the news, either in a timely fashion, or fairly. They believe that the staff of Los Angeles Times is in fact attempting to influence them, and not via the editorial page. Rutten’s acknowledgement of his understanding of the paper’s role is what trial lawyers like to call an “admission against interest.” The rise of and new media has undermined the monopoly that allowed the Times to grow arrogant and ideological, and now there will be no reclaiming of the old influence born from trust until a complete housecleaning occurs, and there is no sign of such a sweep ever starting much less finishing in time to save the brand.


Cathy Seipp writes that the L.A. Times’ current solution is to look east–and while we all love Annie Hall, this is one instance where New York talent isn’t necessarily superior.


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