The Katie Ratings Collapse

Matt Drudge has a blurb on his site, but no link to the source document yet:

CBS EVENING NEWS DOWN OVER YEAR AGO… For the first time since Katie Couric became anchor, CBS EVENING NEWS is down compared to a year ago, falling 4% from 8.069 to 7.758 million last week among total viewers, and the program also declined 9% among adults 25-54 from last year’s 2.2 to a 2.0 rating last week… Developing…


Mickey Kaus’s theory as to why CBS wooed Katie in the first place seems increasingly sound; and stories like these certainly aren’t helping CBS’s reputation–and their ratings.

Update: Meanwhile, Dan Rather, enjoying his retirement on Mark Cuban’s HD channel goes on Comedy Central and delivers comedy gold:

COLBERT: What is Dan Rather reporting?


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