Google Celebrates Another American Holiday

…by totally ignoring it on their splash page. And once again, as with Memorial Day, the Dogpile seach engine does commemorate it. As I wrote back in May:

Dogpile’s illustration looks like it was knocked off by a Web artist in a couple of hours at most and looks perfectly appropriate to me; why couldn’t Google do the same? (And yes, I know the answer.)


Yesterday, Go Daddy, the Internet registraton Website celebrated the Marines’ 231st birthday with a tribute so patriotic it would have caused tubercular blue state veins to pop throughout Google’s boardroom if an employee there had proposed it.

For Pajamas’ Veterans’ Day round-up, click here.

(On the hand, Google’s silence is far more admirable than this quote from the Australian Age’s Terry Lane.)

Update: Found via the Corner, the Canadian version of Google celebrates Remembrance Day. But I guess that would have been far too jingoistic for the boys in Mountain View.


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