Election Night Link-A-Palooza!

The Anchoress, Fausta, and (of course) Pajamas are loaded with links to keep you busy while waiting for the voting machines–whatever kind they are–to open.


And in the exact opposite of those posts–Bill Whittle is back with another long, long post, with very, very few links: he’s written 8,497 words; read every one of them.

Meanwhile, Hugh Hewitt writes:

I will be up early looking for the first wave of Beltway-Manhatten media machine reports of doom for the Republicans and waves for the Democrats.

Don’t believe a word of it.

And there will be many, many early words tomorrow, and no doubt, more than a few exit polls (real or imagined, ala 2004’s election day) leaked, despite the networks’ best promises to the contrary.


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