Ed Driscoll

Brush With Edness

I have a few articles online and on dead tree this month that you may enjoy.

Regarding the latter, I have a piece in the Robb Report’s Home Entertainment magazine on IPTV, a technology being leveraged by phone companies to become players in the arena previously reserved for cable and satellite providers. Initially, it’s being sold as a cheaper alternative to digital cable and satellite. But the format’s long-range potential could lead to dramatic shifts in how we watch TV. For one, expect to start seeing downloadable YouTube-style TV, err, on your TV. As well as much more narrowcasting video, and… well, read the article for more.

For DIY recording enthusiasts, in the October issue of England’s Computer Music magazine, I have an article on step sequencers, arpeggiators, and other electronic instruments that allow you to play one note and get ten. Or 100. Note that in the US, this issue probably streets next month. At least the Borders’ chain seems to have a 30 day delay between the issues’ cover dates and when they appear in stores.

At the moment, to the best of my knowledge, both of those are strictly “dead tree”, but we’ll let you know if that changes. As for online material, speaking of DIY music, my podcast interview with The Man From Izotope on audio mastering is also online at Blogcritics. Along with a piece that could be titled, “An Orchestra Of Davids“. It’s a review of an impressive self-published book on programming orchestral arrangements from MIDI synthesizers.

Sad to say, no Vanessa Williams sightings in any of these pieces, though.