Ed Driscoll

New Blog Week In Review Up!

All sorts of doings on this week’s Blog Week In Review show; we apparently were Mark Steyn’s first-ever podcast; he discussed his new book America Alone as special guest this week.

The book itself is exceptional, and I’ve been devouring my review copy. As Hugh Hewitt suggests, it’s one of a handful of essential books for understanding the War On Terror, why we’re fighting it in such a polite, reserved-style when compared with previous wars, and, as the title suggests, why America–along with, currently, a handful of staunch allies–is increasingly on its own in an ever-more appeasement-crazed world.

The other big news is that Blog Week In Review is now sponsored by Volvo. But does this mean we risk being named in Bill Lockyer’s lawsuit against seemingly every automobile manufacturer on the planet…?

Update: Bumped to top of the page.