Ed Driscoll

Analyze This

Over at Whizbang, Jay Tea writes that, “the open hatred (for whatever reasons) for Bush is greater than any president I can remember, and might even surpass that of Nixon at the height of Watergate or Johnson during Viet Nam.”

It’s apparently captured the mind of one of the most otherwise lovable personalities to emerge in the last 30 or so years of Hollywood–and now that Johnny Carson and Bob Hope have each shuffled off to the Great Gig In The Sky, he’s the modern benchmark for Oscar hosts. But the Anchoress notes that, like Garrison Keillor, Linda Ronstadt, and numerous other celebrities, there are limits to Billy Crystal’s sense of tolerance and diversity.

Last March, after another post-Crystal Oscar ceremony sunk under the weight of its agitprop politics, Libertas explained that Hollywood has devised a marketing strategy that junks the Red States. Which means that remarks such as Crystal’s will only increase exponentially–and apparently with impunity.