Ed Driscoll

The Path To The Path To 9/11

Hugh Hewitt writes:

A full page ad, brightly colored, depicting malevolent eyes peering threw a tear in the American flag the terrorust has torn, is on p. A-9 of the Los Angeles Times this morning. The copy below the title “The Path to 9/11”: “The years that led up to it. Everything that might have prevented it.” Part 1 airs tonight at 8 PM.

ABC has refused the left, and the fury on the left is extreme. If they’d spend less time caviling and more time watching the program and then reading Lawrence Wright’s “The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11” they’d at least appear less incompetent to the American mainstream.

In addition to the ad in The L.A. Times (and presumably, other papers), as of early this morning, it’s still listed in the DirecTV on-screen guide, and part one at least has already run in New Zealand.

Cry havoc and let loose the Googlebombs, but this commentor on Ann Althouse’s site is spot-on:

“This firestorm is a lose-lose for Dems. Any rational voter can compare the Bush reaction to Farenheit 911 and the current Clinton reaction, and draw appriopriate conclusions.”

Indeed, as the man who highlighted it is apt to say.

Update: Has the show’s running time been cut?

Originally, TV listings showed Path to 9/11 as being commercial free for three hours tonight and two hours tomorrow night.
Now ABC’s web site shows tonight’s episode as only 2.5 hours, followed by a special 30 minute Nightline (no doubt with many Democratic guests.)

Likewise, tomorrow’s episode is only 90 minutes, having been edited for President Bush’s speech.

That makes an hour of originally scheduled content now gone