Ed Driscoll

"The Most Embarrassing Gig In The Blogosphere"

Having a blog is such a personal, individual thing. It’s probably the purest form of self-expression short of improvising on a musical instrument (and it’s no coincidence that a number of prominent bloggers are also musicians of one sort or another). That is, unless it’s purely a paid gig churning out posts for an enormous corporation as a “peremptory voice and clickety stiletto heels” clatter in the background.

Dean Barnett looks at “a fellow named Greg Kandra, who can lay claim to the most embarrassing gig in the entire blogosphere”–although, to be fair, this fellow laid much of the initial groundwork last year.

Tangentially-Related Update: Speaking of the purest form of self-expression short of musical improvisation, “Dan Rather Lays Down Rhymes Over Dope Beats!”