Ed Driscoll

Are You Ready For Some...Pink?

Debbie Schlussel is none too thrilled with NBC’s choice of singer to get the party started on its new flagship primetime NFL Sunday night show:

Hank Williams, Jr.’s (a/k/a “Bocephus”) rendition of “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight (Are You Ready for Some Football?)” was so popular that the one season ABC tried to replace it with popular acts like Aerosmith and KISS, it didn’t work.

But now, ABC’s Monday Night Football is gone (to ESPN). So the premiere prime-time football event on broadcast TV is NBC’s new Sunday Night Football. You’d think that NBC would pick something on the level of Hank, Jr.’s legendary theme song. But you would be wrong.

Instead, NBC–in a bad attempt to attract more female fans (and a good attempt to turn off the majority male fans)–has recruited pop star Pink to sing the Sunday Night Football theme. Worse, Pink is remaking ’80s has-been Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You” in to “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.” (Memo to NBC: Actually, real football fans are not waiting all day. They’re watching games all Sunday afternoon on FOX and CBS.)

And you won’t just have to hear Pink every Sunday Night, you’ll have to watch her, too. Says a press release:

As Pink’s voice serves as the signature welcome to viewers each Sunday Night, the accompanying video features Pink.

Pink as the new Hank Williams, Jr.? What’s next: frosted-hair Ryan Secrest as drooling NFL sideline reporter-babe?

We predict her theme song fails and only lasts the season . . . if she’s lucky. A better choice would have been someone male and masculine, like Toby Keith or Sammy Hagar, to sing some sort of football theme updated from “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight (Are You Ready For Some Football?)”

Thank God TiVO has a fast-forward button.