Ed Driscoll

One Small Step For A Woman...

Tom Elia has some thoughts on Anousheh Ansari, the Iranian-born U.S. citizen who is about to become the world’s first female space tourist three days after the fifth anniversary of 9/11:

As the grandson myself of an immigrant from what is now present-day Iran, I can’t help but notice the irony in the fact that the first female space tourist is a US citizen from Iran, a country today under an extremist Islamist leadership that would rather keep its women veiled, uneducated, and under the thumb of 11th Century fanatics than to train them to create new medicines, advance new technologies, or generally improve the lot of its people, let alone try to send one of its own people (man or woman) into space.

It’s an irony that speaks volumes….


(Via Betsy Newmark.)