Ed Driscoll

He Was Expendable

Teddy Kennedy on Joe Lieberman at the Democrats’ 2000 convention:

Earlier Tuesday night, Sen. Edward Kennedy strode to the podium to make comparisons between his brother, President Kennedy, who received the Democratic nomination in Los Angeles in 1960, and Gore. “How proud (John Kennedy) would be of Al Gore and our party and the new barrier of bigotry we are breaking down with the choice of Joe Lieberman as the next Vice President of the United States.”

Jesse Jackson at the same convention:

In an evening dedicated to not only carving out the Democrats’ positions, but introducing voters and viewers to Gore, Jesse Jackson praised the vice president for his selection of a running mate.

“The long arm of justice reaches neither for the political left nor the political right, but for the moral center,” Jackson said in his measured cadence, running through a list of traditionally Democratic issues and heralding Gore and Lieberman as “America’s dream team of the Democratic Party.”

Jackson noted marked distinctions between the Gore-Lieberman ticket and the their Republican rivals, Texas Gov. George W. Bush and former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney.

“In selecting Joe Lieberman, Al Gore has brought the sons and daughters of slaves and slavemasters, together with the sons and daughters of Holocaust survivors. He raised the moral chin bar. When a barrier falls for one of the locked out, it opens the doors for all.”

But hey, that was then, and this now. BDS changes all: