Ed Driscoll

Joementum Meets The Long Knives

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two of the most anti-Semitic figures on the American left (and along with Pat Buchanan, certainly amongst recent former presidential candidates) are campaigning against Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. Meanwhile, Lieberman is being portrayed on the Huffington Post (and it’s astonishing I’m even typing this word in the 21st century) in blackface.

As I wrote last week:

And remember, the midterms–and their aftermath–are still well over three months away. Meaning that it’s only going to get worse, when the rest of the country begins to start paying attention.

Incidentally, Mitt Romney was attacked last week for calling Boston’s “Big Dig” project a “tar baby“, despite the phrase’s recent use by (scroll to bottom) The Boston Globe and Herald, Molly Ivins, and John Kerry. Will a similiar firestorm breakout over Lieberman in blackface?

Nahh, I’m not holding my breath, either.

Update: The Anchoress has some thoughts that are well worth reading:

Hillary loves to talk about – he