Ed Driscoll

Fortune Favors The Podcast

Pretty cool: Fortune’sBusiness Innovation Insider” blog has kind words about my recent TCS podcast with Chris Anderson:

If you’re looking to wrap your arms around the key points of the Long Tail theory, check out the new 15-minute podcast with Long Tail author Chris Anderson over at TCS Daily. During the conversation with TCS Daily columnist Ed Driscoll, Chris explains what the shift from mass markets to niche markets means for business organizations and gives various examples throughout history when a changing economic distribution system altered the relationship between “blockbusters” and niche products.

The Internet is the best example of the Long Tail at work, of course, but the Sears Roebuck catalog of 1896 is another great example. Once the “general store” model of economic distribution gave way to a “centralized warehouse” model of economic distribution powered by the trans-continental railroad, retailers like Sears were able to create massive catalogs of new products. While the 20th century was all about “hits” and “blockbusters,” the “infinite shelf space” of the digital age means that the distribution curve is now changing to favor niche products.

The podcast is available as a download from the iTunes music store. It’s worth checking out – the Long Tail book is already #24 on Amazon and has been generating a tremendous amount of buzz around the blogosphere.

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