Ed Driscoll

Grim Pythonish Deja Vu

Waaay back during the early days of this blog, in September of 2002, I spotted a Monty Python-like moment between UN weapons inspectors and Saddam Hussein’s lackeys:

Charles Johnson writes that “Iraq officially says their declaration to the UN will claim they possess no banned weapons…[but] an anonymous Iraqi official threatens to use these non-existent weapons”.

I think the Iraqis just unwittingly parodied a Monty Python sketch: “There is no cannibalism in the British Navy. Absolutely none, and when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount.”

Power Line spots a similar moment occurring within Iran’s efforts to acquire its own WMDs:

Over at Power Line Video, check out Mohsen Rezai, Secretary of the Iranian Expediency Council, as he discusses Iran’s situation vis-a-vis the United States on Iranian television. He says that “Iran has achieved a great thing” by stalling off the United Nations, and offers an analysis of American power that includes the hoary “paper tiger” theme.

Most interesting is his discussion of Iran’s nuclear program. He says that if the U.S. should invade Iran, the program could be moved to the desert where it might never be found. Should the U.S. bomb Iran, the nuclear program could be moved underground:

If Iran goes underground with its nuclear activities, the entire world will curse America and say, “What have you done? You have made the region unsafe, and achieved nothing.”

But wait! If Iran’s nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes, as its government claims, then why would taking it underground “make the region unsafe”?

There is no attempt to build nuclear weapons in Iran, absolutely none, and when I say that there is none, I do mean that there is a certain amount.

(But cannibalism is right out. Check out North Korea–on its own quest to launch nuclear weapons–for that. Seriously.)

Update: If the Pythons were still active, this would have made a great sketch as well.