Ed Driscoll

"Climate Change" As The New Holocaust

Jonah Goldberg and Betsy Newmark have some thoughts on Al Gore’s language–both in 1992’s Earth In The Balance and this year’s An Inconvenient Truth comparing global cooling (sorry, that was the 1970s), global warming, climate change, or whatever the expression du jour is, to the Holocaust. Betsy writes:

But, Goldberg asks, if addressing the crisis of global warming demands the same diligence and dedication that fighting the Nazis demanded, why isn’t Gore proposing similar sacrifices today to fight global warming? For a start, they should be out there denouncing the movie Cars for glorifying the weapons of mass destruction that cars are in this global crisis. They should be campaigning against NASCAR. But, of course, they won’t be doing these things because it would be political suicide. So, now we know where they draw the line. They’ll talk a good game, but they won’t actually propose anything or say anything that would offend potential voters.

Oh, I don’t know–Arnold Schwarzenegger’s been doing a pretty good job of taking his conservative base for granted, with all of his recent talk about global warming.

Update: Jonah debates Mark Schmitt of The Decembrist and the New America Foundation on this topic in a video podcast at Bloggingheads.tv.