Ed Driscoll

Stop! Or Z-Mom Will Blog!

Al-Zarqawi’s “Mom” has a blog:

Now it is time for the Bush one, cursed be he! to make level with me and with all the al-Zarqawi in the world, also in Jordan. It is time for the Bush to come outside. I get CNN so I know that 61 percent of Americans are on my side. They know they should have sent the Army of the Devil home long ago. If they had sent home the Army of the Devil then my son would be alive! He could make videos! He was very talented with lighting.

So I ask George Bush to come here to meet me. Is it so much for a grieving mother to ask? I also want to ask him: “Have you asked your daughters to enlist? Have you seen the movie Al Gore made? Did you think it sucked too? Have you got satellite TV in that ranch?” Because in Jordan we all have satellite TV. Did you see that unbeliever from Paraguay? I saw him and I prayed that the Merciful One would kiss him on the head. I also want him to stop using my son’s name to justify the war and to get his own credit card. The idea that we have to “complete the mission” in Iraq to strike down my son is, to me, a bad idea for the future of my son. So is calling him “Zarq.” Also “Al” is not a real name. But “Abu” is! Blessed be

My friends in the newspapers and in the CNN! I love you from the bottom of my burqa. I know I have the support of thousands of al-Qaeda. I am not alone! I have Janeane Garofalo, also a hairdresser named Zandoo. I need to find a publicist! Then I know I will never be alone. I would also like to do a commencement address of some kind.

That is why I will wait here at Crawford, Texas, until one of three things comes to pass. It is August 31 and the Bush returns from vacation! That is one! There are two more. Two, I get a ride in a new Hummer with a real American pool boy. Two! Three, I would also like to go to Six Flags or some such thing.

Via The Corner. Zarqawi’s mother actually died in 2004, but if she hadn’t, these days, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised to see her blogging.