Ed Driscoll

Hollywood Wants To Bypass The Rest Of The Legacy Media

Mark Cuban, the billionare owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and producer of such leftwing movies as Good Night, and Good Luck and The War Within, would prefer not to do business with the original legacy media:

Ive spent a lot of time thinking about the Newspaper and Magazine businesses lately. Not because I want to buy a company in either industry. I dont.

Im spending the time because Im looking for the best possible ways to promote the movies we distribute and HDNet programming.

Its expensive to advertise movies or TV shows in either newspapers or magazines. Very expensive Where entertainment is traditionally advertised, you guys know you got us, and it shows in your pricing. The pricing in the Movie and TV sections of print media is outrageous.

Which means that every single company in the entertainment business is looking for a way to never ever have to spend a nickel with you again. Our entire business knows we have to spend money with you now, but we are experimenting with every option possible to pull that money from you and spend it elsewhere.

Each of us is looking for the holy grail of promotion.
A way to leave you as a customer.

How scary is that ? A huge customer of your industry would prefer not to do business with you.

They’re not alone.