Ed Driscoll

Controversial Films Controversy; God Rated PG

Betsy Newmark suggests a couple of curious omissions from Entertainment Weekly’s list of “the most controversial films of all time”. Meanwhile, Glenn Reynolds wonders “Why They Hate Us“:

I blame Hollywood. So do Muslim women, according to a Gallup survey:

The most frequent response to the question, “What do you admire least about the West?” was the general perception of moral decay, promiscuity and pornography that pollsters called the “Hollywood image” that is regarded as degrading to women.

No doubt antiwar Hollywood producers and talent will begin self-censorship at once to remedy this problem. Look for remakes of those wholesome Bing Crosby Irish-priest movies.

Oh sure, they’ll be cranking those out by the dozens! Of course, if they actually did, the MPAA would slap a PG rating onto such seemingly family-friendly fare for all of the “controversial” references to God.