Ed Driscoll

Working The System

The L.A. Times obviously knows the best time to release bad news, which is why they chose today to reveal that they’re suspending Michael Hiltzik for his recurring quadrophenia. Hugh Hewitt notes:

Isn’t it at least a little ironic that the Times releases this information on a Friday afternoon, traditional burial ground of bad news– in an obvious effort to have the story pass with as little attention as possible? So much for transparency.

Michael Hiltzik is just one of hundreds of examples of ideologicially blinkered agenda journalists at the Times. He just got caught.

The Times concludes “an internal inquiry found no inaccurate reporting.”

Yeah. Right. Very believable. Hiltzik may become an invisible presence at the paper, the Pulitzer Prize winner at the copy desk, or he may quit, but he’ll no doubt haunt message boards.

But the culture at the Times that produced him quite obviously stays the same.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for real, systemic change from most legacy media organs. At least not until 2014 or so.

Update: Not surprisingly, Patterico, Hiltzik’s b