Ed Driscoll

I'll Second--Or Third--That Emotion

Jim Geraghty is right on the money:

Dear Republican lawmakers,

Please take this idea (eliminating the federal tax on gas and diesel for sixty days) and run with it. Take the support of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and argue that this is bipartisan and make the Democrats vote for or against temporary tax relief for American drivers. If everyone votes for it, then great. Let the Democrats argue that they thought of it first. All the voters will remember in November is that gas prices dropped 18 cents a gallon (unleaded) and 24 cents a gallon (leaded) and that a GOP Congress and a GOP president got it done.

Just some free advice.

Hugh Hewitt also agrees that this is an idea that truly needs to be implemented–let’s see the left put their cards on the table.