Ed Driscoll

Ed Meets The Godfather

In his introduction to the published script of Full Metal Jacket, Michael Herr wrote of Stanley Kubrick, “It’s nice to get a call from a culture hero, especially when you have so few”.

Never got to interview Kubrick, but I just got off the phone after a great 45-minute interview with Alvin Toffler, for a future TCS article and podcast. It was the first time I spoke with him since the week after 9/11, several months before this blog went up.

In 1980’s The Third Wave, Toffler predicted so many of the trends that impact the Blogosphere: the break-up of the mass media and the assembly line, the inability of the education system (not to mention government itself) to keep pace with changes in the private sector, and the whole prosumption movement, aka The Army of Davids. His new book, due out next week is Revolutionary Wealth; don’t miss it.