Ed Driscoll

The Wrath Of Givhan: Sartorial Kamikaze Cops Pulitzer

In February, I wrote that Robin Givhan is the Washington Post’s last line of defense:

Givhan is called in whenever the GOP scores an advance: her columns–a combination of Sigmund Freud and Alan Flusser–have ripped apart newly nominated Supreme Court Judges Roberts and Alito, and shortly after the 2004 election, Cheney himself. She’s not so much the Doomsday Machine as a sartorial kamikaze: from Hell’s Bloomingdale’s, she stabs at thee!

And her hit pieces have made her a big hit amongst her fellow members of the legacy media. The result? Well, as Betsy Newmark puts it, “Gimme a break! A Pulitzer for Robin Givhan?!”

Betsy calls Monday’s awards “the Pulitzer equivalents of the Nobel Peace Prize for Jimmy Carter”. I think that’s spot-on. Be sure to read the rest of her post.