Ed Driscoll

Classified Information And KAL 007

(Why does that sound like an Ian Fleming title?)

A reader of Power Line who is a former intelligence officer places classified information released by both Presidents Reagan and Bush into context:

Reagan’s release of this information, while undoubtedly a significant international political coup, also provided the American public with a very thorough explanation of the situation. It also greatly embarrassed the Soviet Union, demonstrated their ineptness, and, although I doubt Reagan considered this when he released the information, it was yet another Cold War victory that eventually led to the collapse of that Evil Empire some six years later.

As Jack Kelly wrote in his April 11, 2006 column appearing on RealClearPolitics: “Presidents are authorized to declassify sensitive material, and the public benefits when they do.” Political hacks like Joe Wilson and Richard Clarke in concert with very biased anti-administration media organizations run a dangerous bluff when they espouse positions publicly that they know to be untrue, but that fit their political agenda. They bet that certain information won’t be declassified and they look like fools when it is released.

Of course, that’s an awfully low bar, even for the MSM