Ed Driscoll

"Get Whitey!"

Michelle Malkin discusses the case of John Hehman, an NYU student chased into the path of an oncoming car in Harlem by thugs heard to be yelling (depending upon the source) “Get the white boy!” or “Get Whitey!”:

If John Hehman, may he rest in peace, had been black and his assailants had been white, you’d know his story by now. But the races were reversed and his murder has been relegated to a footnote by the p.c. New York Times and the rest of the national MSM. (Compare the NYTimes’ coverage of Hehman with this NYTimes story of a local white-on-black attack last year.)

Local media are filling in the details.

And it’s a good thing they are too–just as Jesse Dirkhising’s death was largely ignored by the elite media in early 2001 because it didn’t fit the template of acceptable stories, the Times article on Hehman that Michele links to really is a footnote–it runs a scant 220 words, less than a third longer than this short blog post.

Update: More at Rhymes With Right.