Ed Driscoll

Political Pawns and Sweating Swingers

Davids Medienkritik writes that Spiegel Online, “that great German Rosetta Stone of media objectivity, has just located the source media-political corruption in the United States”:

They’ve just uncovered another massive Bush administration conspiracy and struck a further blow for journalistic integrity. They’ve exposed the corruption of the media “anti-elite” and identified an online power vacuum filled with dangerous right-wingers who threaten truth, justice and the German way.

And who is to blame? Bush and the Bloggers. Who else?

In two recent articles, bloggers are characterized as corrupt, partisan, paid-off and out of control. And since no one in Germany currently fits that description, our friends at SPIEGEL have bravely set out to warn German readers of the grave dangers of the American blogosphere.

The first article, entitled “Buyable Bloggers: Sweating Swingers,” was authored by none other than Marc Pitzke, SPIEGEL ONLINE’s master of the profound. His prime example of what he labels “buyable bloggers” is Andrew Sullivan, of whom he writes:

“Bloggers pride themselves as the anti-elite of the media branch. But the upstart revolutionaries (Revoluzzer) have long since begun to come to terms with corporations. There have already been mergers between the once sworn enemies (Todfeinde).

New York – “Time” Editor in Chief Jim Kelly sent out the invitation, and the cr