Ed Driscoll

Kill 'Em All--Let Gaia Sort It Out

Tammy Bruce writes that she has been arguing “for years now that the destruction of humanity, literally, is the actual agenda, conscious and unconscious, of Leftists worldwide”:

They have become progressively ugly and hateful politically and otherwise because they hate themselves and consequently project that hate, as Malignant Narcissists do, back onto humanity as a whole. Their frustration at the rejection of their agenda (history at least has taught us something) that they bother less and less with sugar-coating their nihilistic rage.

Leftists, manifest as radical conservationists, feminists, animal rights extremists or political hacks, all base their politics in how evil Man. In other words, that humanity is the overriding problem. I note in my new book, The New American Revolution, that every act of state-based mass-murder and genocide has been perpetrated by leftist and fascist governments. Why? Because historically the Leftist worldview has always been the same because it’s rooted in the same self-loathing leftist politics.

Their politics alone speak to this agenda to demonize Man, while their MalNarness has become more and more obvious over the years. Now, as the Left becomes more and more desperate, we’ve all seen their ugliness emerge with fewer control, fewer concerns about masking their true intentions.

Tammy looks at Dr. Eric R. Pianka, named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist, who recently gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in which he advocated “the only feasible solution to saving the Earth is to reduce the population to 10 percent of the present number” via the airborne Ebola virus–a slow and horrific death for anyone infected.

Astoundingly, his audience gave the speech a big Standing-0.

Last September, we linked to a brilliant post over at the Gates of Vienna blog on the