Ed Driscoll

"High Noon at the Borders"

Robert Bidinotto channels the ghost of Gary Cooper and observes:

Thanks to these traitors to the First Amendment, America is fast becoming Will Kane’s Hadleyville. They more and more resemble the cringing, “civilized” town fathers in that corrupt fictional crossroads: prostrate in spineless supplication before the town bullies, projecting shameful resentment against the Will Kanes whose bravery shows them up for the cowards that they are.

As I wrote yesterday, “pretty much all of the talk from the anointed (to borrow from a book title by Thomas Sowell) on the importance of epatering the bourgeois, shocking the masses, breaking down barriers, et al, has been shown to be hypocritical.”

Avant-garde artists used to pride themselves on being fearless. But that was back when their primary targets simply turned the other cheek. We’ve already seen how quickly Hollywood caves to an enemy that doesn’t; now we’re seeing a host of other institutions join them.