Ed Driscoll

Coming Soon: Earthquake, in Sensurjudd!

I’m sitting in the American Airlines Admiral’s Club in the Philadelphia Airport awaiting my dreadfully early 7:47 AM flight back to San Jose. (Why yes, that is a rather ironic time for an airliine flight; I blame Jerry Lewis.) Meanwhile, Orrin Judd has given us crazy Californians a profile of the future, as the 100th anniversary of San Francisco’s Great Quake of April 18, 1906 looms ever closer:

We don’t even need the quake to actually happen to know how it goes: afterwards, in the midst of 24 hour global tv coverage, Ms DeMuynck complains that no one ever warned her how dangerous it was, the Reverends Falwell & Robertson clainm it was the will of God because of queers, and Democrats claim it’s the worst the federal government has ever handled a disaster while the Right digs up the example of ’06 to show how much more civilly we dealt with the looters this time. Meanwhile, most of us just shake our heads and wonder how stupid you have to be to live in California, nevermind on a fault line….

I’m only there for the sushi, myself.